4 Types of Business Ideas You May Need to Revive

prep your plan Jun 10, 2019

Why is it that we struggle when it comes to brainstorming business ideas?

We psych ourselves out to the point of exhaustion and confusion and then we put the process on the back burner telling ourselves that we'll get back at it.

Then we look up and 3, 6 or 12 months have passed, and we still haven't moved forward with this process.  Sound familiar?

Let me help you out a bit here.

To help you along with brainstorming some business ideas, I want you to focus on some business ideas you may have put in the " No Go" box.  Click here to download my number one worksheet to help me brainstorm business ideas.

I've revived several ideas I once deemed as no good and found that they deserved some attention and I think you should consider doing the same.

The 4 types of business ideas you may need to revive:

1. The ideas you shared with friends and family that made them frown and their reaction rained on your entrepreneurial enthusiasm.

I know, you got excited about an idea and shared it with your friends and family and the first thing they did was frown and ask, "why do you want to do that?" or they don't respond at all and give you "dead silence".

Stop sharing your ideas with everyone.  The only person that matters when considering an idea is YOU.  If you continue to operate on a need to have validation from others plan, you may set yourself up for a burst to your happy bubble every time. 

Write down those ideas that you dismissed because of a negative to zero reaction from friends and family and see if they are still worth your time.  If you want to take into consideration any opinion that was given to you about the idea, then do so but validate the legitimacy of said opinion.  

2. Those creative ideas you brainstormed as a child.

I don't know about you, but I was creative as a child and thinking back on what I used to create, I had some AWESOME ideas.  Now, children are launching businesses more than ever and are extremely successful. and this is what inspired me to go back into my childhood arsenal of ideas and put them on my To Do list.  

Take a stroll down memory lane and write down your childhood ideas and research them. You may be in for a promising surprise.

3. The ideas you quickly dismissed because you believed they would cost too much to start.

Are you assuming that it costs too much, or do you know for certain because you dived deeply into the research of the idea and made this declaration thereafter?

If you've research this and determined that it is, great.  If not, you need to research it for certain.  However instead of putting this idea to rest, have you broken down the idea where you can start a business with a smaller component of the idea?  For example, say you wanted to open a clothing boutique but decided against it due to the start-up cost.  Instead of a brick and mortar boutique, start an online boutique and sell a limited number of one hot item?  Once that runs out then you get the next hot item and sell that.  Selling one item is more manageable than an entire store of items.

Revisit these ideas and determine if you can narrow it down and sell one item/service initially.  You can be very successful and have a profitable business selling one type of item or service.

4. An idea you launched in the past as a business, but it failed.

The best lessons learned are from failed businesses.  Do you think back and think of ways you could have done things differently that would have created a positive outcome?  Do you have more knowledge and experience now that could make the failed idea a success story?

If you've answered yes, then you should bring this idea back to life and plan it out.  Click here to check out the Hustle Plan to help you create your road map.

Identify what you did wrong and what you need to do correctly this time to be successful and profitable.  You've got experience with this idea and relaunching it may be better the next time around.

Let's get to work!  Putting in dedicated time towards brainstorming your business idea is essential.  Don't allow the process to intimidate you because the more you go through this exercise, the easier it becomes.  

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